Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shaka, When The Walls Fell (Konami)

Konami recently instituted a policy whereby all in-game money (earned in-game or purchased with real money) in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain must be used within 6 months or disappear forever. 

This brings up so many questions. Let me ask a few...actually let me ask just one:

1) WHY? No other game I heard of even does this. The closest real-life example was when Microsoft switched over from points to money.

2) WHY? Does this policy track each and every portion of the money earned or purchased? For example, if I earned 10 MB one day in-game and I bought 100 MB the next day, will the game tell me when each of these will expire? Will it be different dates, or will it be within a set 6-month window? 

3) WHY? Will the money accumulated by players fill up the memory on the servers quickly, slowing them down and potentially crashing? Does 10 MB take up a gigabyte of memory? Does 100 MB fill up a terabyte of memory? Is that even possible?

4) WHY? Remember, someone actually took time to code this into the game with the last patch. Why couldn't they just saved time and effort and NOT code this, when they could have just made DLC instead. 

5) WHY? Will this force players into playing the game more? Or spending more of this fake money so that they can spend more actual money to get more fake money to spend in the game?

Konami has given no reason why they are doing this. I wish they did, so I don't have to map out in my head why this was done. I literally can't tell if this is some Lex Luthor-type master plan, or if this is some Wile E. Coyote blueprint for failure.

This is why I named this portion of my blog the above title (the Tamarian language for failure from Star Trek: TNG). There will probably be more entries in this blog portion in the future.  

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