Monday, January 11, 2016

Apples to Oranges

My intent was to post a comparison between how much The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt cost to make and market, and how much profit it made, and how much EA's Star Wars: Battlefront cost to make and market, and how much profit this game made.

The problem I immediately ran into was the economic conditions in Poland vs. the conditions here in America. Polish game developers make only a third of the monthly salary an American game developer makes. Same with production costs, office space and all manner of tools and talent in Poland when compared with America, and in fact the gap may be larger than that.

So the comparison would have been like comparing, well, apples to oranges.

Now, I like the Witcher 3. I've plaved Witcher 1 & 2, so CDProjektRed built consumer trust in me, so I bought the latest Witcher game without a moment's hesitation, and judging from what little I played, and the reviews that came in, it was a wise purchase. 

Star Wars: Battlefront, on the other hand, was made by EA. What has been their track record for video games? Mass Effect 3 (which I actually enjoyed until the last 30 minutes of the game). SimCity Online (which was such a buggy mess that a lot of people couldn't even play it until 2 months later). Battlefield Hardline (a completely barebones version of Battlefield 4; so lacking in content it probably should have qualified as DLC). 

So, no consumer trust there. No reason for me to buy any games from them immediately (or, indeed, at all). 

There's your comparison. Which development company built consumer trust better? 

I welcome all comments (especially those that prove me wrong). I promise I will read as many as I can.  

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