Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Zack Snyder hinted at a larger mythology for Doomsday in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie (a title which, for my money, is no longer the silliest thing about this film). 

The director said that we have Doomsday, who didn't just crawl out of the ground, he has his own mythology, and that has to be explored. He hastened to add that now that Doomsday is introduced, audiences need to think about a bigger world, and that just because he's introduced in this movie, doesn't mean we know everything about what the movie will be about.

Okay, I have some thoughts about this. But honesty demands that I tell you where I'm coming from with this, so, upfront, let me say the following things:

1) I know a lot about comics and comic book characters, both DC and Marvel, and what I don't know I can look up on the internet and get a mostly correct answer, since comic book continuity is one of the most meticulous ever made by fans, even when compared to other intellectual property like Star Wars or Star Trek.

2) I know something about writing in general, though obviously not everything. But I know enough to see where a story hangs together despite plot holes or other mistakes, and I can see the failure points where the story collapses and sends me flying out into the real world. And yes, this knowledge extends beyond just skimming the TV Tropes page. 

3) I know what works for me, not for everybody. These are opinions, not fact (though I can use fact to base my opinions on). So agree with me, or don't. In fact, I rather you didn't agree with me. If our opposing ideas couldn't be hashed out in the court of public opinion, how can either of us know our ideas have merit?

Now that's settled, here's my take on all this.

Doomsday's inclusion in the movie is a HUGE deal. He's only done ONE thing that made him famous, and now Zack Snyder is telling us that just because he's here, we DON'T know everything about the movie? That means that Doomsday WON'T kill Superman by the end of the movie? That's somehow MORE stupid than killing Superman by the end of the movie. 

What I was given to understand was that Luthor clones Doomsday from Zod's body, Doomsday kills Superman, the rest of the heroes kill Doomsday, and honors Superman's memory by forming the Justice League. Okay, it's a stupid way to go, in my opinion, but if that's the way they're gonna go, I have to respect that. 

But now, from Zack Snyder's statements, he's trying to walk back that perception, and hint at a larger mythology for Doomsday, and that we don't know what the movie will be about. This means that you're bringing in Doomsday, and NOT HAVE HIM DO THE ONE THING HE'S FAMOUS FOR?

The only way for this to work is the following scenario: Luthor clones Doomsday from Zod's body, Doomsday gets his butt kicked by Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, and just before he's destroyed, Doomsday's teleported by some mysterious being who will use him for a future movie appearance to wreak havok (I have some ideas, okay ONE idea, who the mysterious being will be, but lets not cloud the issue). In any case, this blunts Doomsday's menace to the point where he shouldn't have shown up at all. The reason to use Doomsday at all is to show that there are menaces and dangerous beings that one hero can't handle alone. This gives the reason for the Justice League to exist. If the main heroes could kick Doomsday's butt easily enough so that he needs rescuing, then where's the danger? Where's the menace? What is the point? This scenario is more stupid than killing Superman outright, story-wise.

That's my take on all this. Feel free to disagree in the comments.

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