Tuesday, January 12, 2016


So Michael Bay is directing Transformers 5. It would be soooooo easy to bash him on this, but really, I think the man is a genius. He's made 4 Transformers films that have almost nothing to do with the source material, and on top of that, have questionable morals and an absurd preponderance of explosions. 

But somehow, people go see them. They make money. Enough to justify continuing to make them, but only if Michael Bay keeps directing them. This is a smart move. 

Something he does keeps people watching this crap, and I've talked to plenty of fans of the movies. Not one of them could tell me why they like his Transformers movies. 

Props to Michael Bay. The man is a true supervillain. No one can stop him. Not critics, not bad reviews, not even common sense. 

Certainly I can't. So if you enjoy the prospect of a new Transformers movie, then enjoy. I'm kinda envious, and wish I could look forward to this with the same joy you are. 

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