Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Knights of the Dinner Table Volume 2 Issue 5

Issue 5: Master of the Game

Spaced Out – the Knights play SpaceHack, the sci-fi RPG. B.A.’s lack of scientific knowledge crashes against Brian’s rules-lawyering.

Conquer and Deny – the Knights play the board game Risque (a Risk riff) with nuclear weapons, shaky alliances and Sara’s tactical genius coming to the fore.

Beating the Odds – B.A. tells the story of Tar Markvar, an average PC with average stats, which sails over the Knights’ power-gaming heads.

Can’t Buy Me Luck – Bob’s bad luck at dice-rolling prompts the Knights to do a dice-purging.

Agent of Evil!! – The power of the Hand of Vectra tempts the Knights into a hand chopping contest, and only Sara can save them.

For my money, this issue is one of the funniest ever. B.A.’s fear of losing control over his SpaceHack game comes to the point that he completely ignores basic science. Sara proves that when given the chance, she’s smarter than the other Knights. As for Agent of Evil, after the comic there is a story about the Head of Vecna. Long story short, the DM tricked half the party into chopping off their heads so they can gain the power of the Head of Vecna (which turned out to be fake). I ran a similar campaign, and tricked one PC into doing just that. It was hilarious. Boy, did the group hate me, though they laughed it off soon afterward. Also, no one loves dice more than me, so I have a bad-luck cleansing ritual of my own, involving burning sage under the light of a full moon. A lot of my love of playing RPGs with friends is reflected here in this issue.

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